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Our History

A Legacy of Excellence

In 1982, George Schmidt laid the foundation of GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. with a vision to transform the metal fabrication landscape. Fuelled by a desire to be in control of his destiny, he aimed to establish a niche in custom fabrication services for the architectural industry. From humble beginnings, George's dedication and innovation paved the way for the company's growth.

From its initial single bay, GC Custom Metal embarked on a remarkable journey of expansion. We progressed from manual equipment to embracing CNC Punching and braking in the early 2000s. This transition opened doors to support OEMs and handle larger orders with detailed efficiency. In 2005, our venture into in-house powder coating added another layer of service excellence. The addition of water jet cutting in 2009 and laser cutting in 2011, amplified our capabilities, enabling intricate designs and diverse materials.

2015 marked a pivotal moment as we strategically relocated welding operations to a dedicated facility. 2016 saw the acquisition of a machine shop, infusing GC with CNC machining prowess. The ultimate transformation came in 2018 when we consolidated all operations under one expansive roof. This move streamlined processes, fostered collaboration, and fueled our growth trajectory. With modern advancements like a 6kW fiber laser, an automatic tool changer-equipped press brake, and a CNC lathe, GC continues to invest in innovation.

What we're about

Today's Vision

GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. emerged as a response to the need for independence and superior craftsmanship. Tired of being subject to the whims of external projects, George Schmidt envisioned a different path. With a focus on architectural custom fabrication, GC Custom Metal set out to deliver unmatched quality, personalized solutions, and a commitment to turning clients' visions into reality.

GC Custom Metal thrives on collaboration, integrity, and precision. With a team of over 35 skilled professionals, including Red Seal Journeymen/women, machine operators, painters, and dedicated support staff, we orchestrate a seamless journey from customer inquiries to final delivery.

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Facilities & Equipment

Situated in a sprawling 32,000-square-foot facility, GC Metals boasts an arsenal of 24 major work centers. Our inventory includes 2 CNC Mills, 2 CNC Lathes, water jet cutting table, fiber laser cutter, CNC Punch Presses, CNC Brake Presses, a Powder Coating System, and more. This infrastructure empowers us to cater to a range of projects with unparalleled precision.

We proudly extend our services throughout Edmonton and its surrounding areas, catering to local clients' needs. However, our reach extends beyond these borders as we ship our exceptional products to various locations across Alberta, ensuring our quality craftsmanship is accessible to a wider clientele. Our commitment to excellence transcends international boundaries, as we proudly serve clients across Canada, the United States, and even Europe.

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