Powder Coating Services

Powder coating, an electrostatic finishing process, is the defining touch that brings durability and beauty to metal surfaces at GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. Our three-stage process ensures methodical, consistent, and environmentally friendly paint finishes on metal parts.Often marking the final production step for our projects, powder coating serves as a specified and sought-after surface finish, particularly prevalent in the electrical assemblies and panels industry. Powder coating offers dual advantages by safeguarding metal components from rust, corrosion, and wear, while enhancing their appearance with a protective and polished finish.

Craftsmanship & Process

Our in-house powder coating services provide a distinct advantage. Customers can consolidate their fabrication and coating needs under a single purchase order and shipment, avoiding the hassle of multiple arrangements. Our three-stage process involves detailed washing, precise painting, and careful baking (curing) of the powder onto the metal. Every part is methodically hung on a cart to ensure full coverage and efficient painting. After baking and cooling, each part is meticulously packaged to preserve its pristine finish. We work closely with Spectrum Powder Coating, our primary supplier of high-quality powder materials, ensuring consistent and vibrant finishes.

Experience the art of efficient powder coating with GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd. Our Edmonton-based powder coating services fuse expertise with care, ensuring that your metal components shine. Contact us today to give your projects the advantage of lasting and vibrant finishes.

  • Gema Optiflex Pro B Spray Gun
  • 18’ x 9’ Coating Booth
  • 15’ x 8’ Curing Oven

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