Project Assembly Services

Our final assembly service adds the finishing touch to your projects. Beyond manufacturing, certain parts and assemblies demand additional components to create a fully integrated end product. These components, often off-the-shelf items like hinges, latches, or casters, complete the picture, ensuring that the product reaches our customers in an already assembled state.

Final assembly serves as the bridge between manufacturing and end-use for a wide array of projects. This critical step simplifies your experience by delivering a product that requires minimal additional work on your end. Industries seeking streamlined solutions, such as the electrical, construction, and manufacturing sectors, commonly rely on our final assembly service to strengthen their offerings.

Craftsmanship & Process

Encapsulating our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions, we go beyond attaching components; we consider the functional and aesthetic aspects of assembly. By understanding the product's usage, we offer design recommendations that ease the assembly process. This might involve suggesting alternative methods, reducing part count through consolidation, and enhancing access points for challenging-to-reach areas.

Leveraging hand tools and manual application techniques to ensure precise integration of components, off-the-shelf items like bolts, rivets, screws, latches, hinges, casters, and gaskets are seamlessly incorporated, delivering a comprehensive end product to your customers. Discover the value of efficient project assembly with GC Custom Metal Fabrication Ltd.

Our Edmonton-based final assembly service streamlines the path from manufacturing to functionality, offering a product ready for immediate use. Contact us today to upgrade your project delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our Assembly Services Include
  • Detailed planning
  • Reviewing completed fabricated items
  • Identifying necessary components
  • Determining the assembly sequence
  • Ensuring thorough packaging for safe transit

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